OSHO® Meditative therapies

These therapies are effective and unique. There’s a minimal interaction between the participants. Meanwhile, the group’s energy helps each member to go deeper in their own process. 

OSHO Mystic Rose

“I have developed many meditations, but this one, may be the most fundamental and essential one” – Osho. 

This meditation is considered to be one of the most important due to its endurance and deep reflection that makes you deeply analyze what you haven’t about your life.

Week 1

We focus on happiness. We’ll be laughing 3 hours, all the 7 days, so inhibitions and repressions can be dissolved. This way our laughs, our spontaneous, natural and true happiness can bloom. 

Week 2

We are looking forward to removing all of our grief. We’ll be crying 3 hours all the 7 days. We’ll allow ourselves to get rid of our sadness, tears and agonies. We’ll left behind all that pain and grief, so we can feel relieved and begin to heal ourselves. 


The third week is called “The Hill’s Observer”. This is an deep observation of our heart. Here, we’ll sit together and meditate, we’ll let out big conclusions of ourselves and what surrounds us.

OSHO No-Mind

“No mind ” means intelligence. Mind means gibberish, not intelligence. When I ask you for gibberish, I’m only asking you to take your mind and all its activity. This way, your mind will be left behind and you’ll become pure, clean and perceptive” – Osho

This meditation requires 2 hours of meditation during 7 days. In the first hour we’ll practice gibberish. Here we’ll let ourselves out and say everything we wanted to say, but we weren’t able to. This emotional liberation isn’t released through the speaking we expecto to, in fact it’s done through your own and natural language. During the second hour, after letting all out, we’ll sit down in complete silence.

OSHO Born Again

“This great experiment we are going through, is basically to achieve your lost childhood. When I say “lost childhood” I mean your innocence, your eyes full of wonder, where you knew nothing, while having nothing, but feeling on top of the world” -Osho

This process is unique because it has been created by Osho. It’s goal is to get in touch with your childhood’s freshness and innocence, without remembering any childhood trauma, like psychology. 


The course is of 2 hours daily, during 7 days. 

During the first hour we’ll be introducing ourselves in an aware way to our childhood and become a kid again, so we can do everything we once wanted to. 

In the 2nd hour, after we created this child’s atmosphere we were looking for, you’ll sit down being a kid with your eyes closed and meditate in an innocent way. 

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body/Mind

This course lasts an hour, during seven days.

In this course I’ll be using hypnosis to reconnect your body and mind and strengthen your friendship with them.

After, we’ll begin your healing process while getting you in touch with your unconsciousness in a deep relaxed state of mind. 

This process is used to keep any balance between your body and mind.