The individual is full of activities and thoughts from day to day. These sessions have the objective of helping you to experience love and fulfillment in your day to day life.

OSHO Rebalancing®

Is an energetical work without touching your body in a physical way. This will create a relaxing and quiet space, where you could achieve a balance between the interior and the exterior. 

OSHO Reiki

In this session, through a soft touch you’ll receive vital universal energy, light energy, and love that will help you get yourself harmony and peace.


OSHO Craniosacral Balancing®

Through soft touches based on knowledge of anatomy, embryology and neurobiology, we reach different levels of relaxation that allow us to regulate and restore the health of the body and mind from within.

Aura-Soma Reading

In this session the color is key.

Being aware that each color has a quality, we choose the color that is helping us at this moment in our lives, being “the mirror of our soul”

The color we choose during the session  helps us discover the talents and gifts that are hidden within us, understand and accept what is happening in our lives.

This practice is based on the Aura‑Soma system, which sharpens the effects of nature on us and sharpens the perception of yourself through colors.