OSHO courses

Processes that allow you to reconnect your interior and your soul so you can receive kindness and love around you. 

OSHO Meditation: In-Depth- 2 days.

In this 2 day sessions, we focus on key points so we can let out the maximum benefits of meditation, trying to assimilate the concept and techniques of OSHO meditations. This way, we can get better results during this process.

OSHO Meditation: In-Depth and becoming a facilitator - 4 days

“It´ll be good for you too. This is my perspective.

There are so much more things to learn when you begin to teach them.

The best way to learn is by teaching it” – Osho

To get deeper it’s better when you change roles, from student to teacher. In this course of 4 days you could enjoy the benefits of a deepest meditation, according to the Osho Concepts. This will allow you earn mor confidence in yourself and then you can show it to others.

Meditation Fields

I can help you achieve a plenty state to live in a healthy and conscious way, guiding you through a path of knowledge and self-knowledge by meditation, which is the science of observation. 

Today I invite you to make a trascendental change in your life. Come and try a weekend where you experience different active Osho meditations that are constantly done in the Resort.  

OSHO Self-hypnosis for meditation

This process requires a daily hour during 7 days, where we use hypnosis to offer your mind and body plenty of relaxation. Once you have achieved serenity with auto-suggestions to your soul and have a deep meditation. 


REIKI is a healing method where the person transforms in a “Reiki Channel” which means “Universal Vital Energy” with Osho’s vision. There are 2 levels:

Level 1: The person achieve to open him or herself and synchronize this energy to share it with others and  use it as a treatment with him/herself and others. 

Level 2:

  • Intensify Reiki’s energy
  • Use Reiki’s energy for mental and emotional situations 
  • Send Reiki’s energy through time and distance

OSHO Opening to the Heart

During this session that last from 1 to 3 days we experience what is to be inside your heart. To identify security and a place or home where we can be ourselves and we can go back to what we are everytime we need it. 

Once you know this space, you can choose when is adequate to use your mind and go back home. 

We will practice different meditation written in Osho’s book and Active OSHO Meditations. 

Bringing Meditation to your Daily Life

It’s a one day course where you practice simple techniques that you can apply in your daily life and work. I’ll also teach you 2 Active Osho Meditations. 

OSHO Beauty of Darkness

In this session we’ll use darkness to begin the meditation and get deeper in our silence. We’ll practice a meditation from Osho’s secret book. 

OSHO a day for intuition

Here, we create a relaxing, fun and confident space where we explore and experience our intuition using 3 doors that will introduce us to the maximum point of intuition.